In the beginning was the gesture.

Covering our bareness with the art of fabric.
The toga, the abaya, the kimono, each with a single motion, a single gesture, a delicate drape over the shoulders, transforms fabric into a garment, material into form, and attire into an extension of life itself.

This gesture was one I adopted early, as naturally as breath.
Yet, from that first gesture, I have replicated it endlessly.

Because I sketch a garment upon a body without the need for drawing, because I cover, protect the body while seeking to unveil its core through the precision of my strokes. My stitching crafts pieces without seams, as I envision timeless garments, pieces that last forever, like fulfilled promises.

It is in Lebanon that I have been born thrice:

The first time in 1973,
Between Jdeidet Ghazir and Yahchouch, mountain villages where the understated grace of their inhabitants left me with a lasting impression of elegant attire.

The second time in 1998,
in the vibrant heart of Beirut, as I opened my first fashion house, marking the commencement of my journey.

The third in 2020,
Once more in Beirut, during the tragic port explosion. Although I have been seriously injured, it paradoxically bestowed upon me the gift of rebirth.

In every creation of mine, the essence of the East and the West seamlessly intertwine, crafting my universe. The oriental complexity and sensorialities that enveloped my upbringing – imbued with the vividness of colors, the warm and golden aroma of bread from my father’s bakery, the air painted with hints of orange blossom and thyme, melds with my passion for geometry, simplicity and minimalism.

It is a fluid dialogue across continents and cultures, bridging Beirut and Paris, the cedars of Lebanon with the pomegranate trees of the Mediter- ranean. These memories and influences interlace, forming the bedrock of my creative spirit, the very foundation of my maison.


My journeys between France, my comforting ally, and Lebanon, my enigmatic muse, between realms of ready-to-wear and the art of haute couture, reveal my inner turmoil. This restlessness, perhaps birthed from a homeland acquainted more with conflict than peace, has shaped the heartbeat, the trajectory of my maison.
At the age of 25, when I founded my atelier, I had a vision and an overwhelming desire: to dress women, to elevate their essence.

It was in Paris, that I debuted my first couture collection in 2009 at the “Petit Théâtre de Babylone” my sanctuary to this day. Here, I embraced urbanity, forged my modernity, and learned to breathe life into movement.

Embracing freedom with no hindrance, no constraint, no corset, my designs favor instead the liberty of movement through side slits and practicality of pockets. They offer a myriad of possibilities, like a dress that can be styled in three different ways. Beautiful by day or by night, for any age, celebrating beauty in joy or in the nuanced shadows of chiaroscuro, championing emancipation from conventional codes, constraints or prejudices.

Light and breezy, my garments sail with the wind, plowing through the world as the women I envision-elusive, comet-like, mirages fleeting, silhouettes that defy gravity and time. These women are relentless travelers, curious minds, and spirited dancers, Bold and intrepid.

My couture aspires to be literature, romanticizing ordinary life, lending grace to everyday motions, and elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Like an elegant edifice relying on its shape and the shoulders it adorns, my fashion draws from the East’s mastery of framing the body and the West’s approach to clothing shaping, even constraining, the form.

My designs are architectural. From a single rectangle of fabric, I craft, fold, drape, cut, refine, and elevate the garment into being.

I champion fluid elegance and purity. Sketching my models, I instinctively draw a few lines until the garment takes shape. Sometimes, dissatisfaction leads me back to the first lines, to the essence of the design, seeking simplicity, straightness, and functionality—ease of wear, putting on and taking off.

My collection showcases my freedom and that of the women it dresses: a shirt dress blending the oriental abaya with a tuxedo shirt and a painter’s blouse; a jacket with structured shoulders and side slits, offering comfort in stance; a kaftan coat with fawn print, a flowing toga dress structured by bands, a «pumpkin» dress touching delicately the top of the body before flaring out, or a disciplined yet daring trench coat with high slits for wandering.

My color palette is bold and decisive, enhancing the garment’s seductive power.


I have laid the foundation of my house upon the revered principle of «RESPECT», guiding every aspect of my work. It underscores the deep reverence for my craft, the profound respect for women, the human body, the fabric, and the mastery of clothing design. This encapsulates my ethos of exceptional craftsmanship, where time and meticulous attention are lavishly bestowed upon every piece created in my atelier.

My creations are meticulously crafted over time, embodying the richness and discipline that only time can bestow - each garment is afforded extraordinary care and consideration.

The intimate setting of our boutique workshops fosters a profound connection with our clientele, allowing us to attune to their needs and desires and respond with agility to their needs. Whether it involves tailoring a piece from our ready-to-wear collection, crafting a bespoke haute couture garment, or reissuing an iconic piece.

I respect the natural rhythm of my maison, aligning its pulse with broader considerations that transcend the concerns of the fashion industry. This includes a commitment to reasoned production over capricious excess, aiming to fulfill genuine needs rather than contribute to the proliferation of offerings, with an eye towards sustainability.

My journey is one of continuous exploration and innovation, of preserving and passing on a legacy.

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